Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

New Cameras Announced (Danger, Will Robinson!)

Canon has announced two new D-SLR cameras.

The 1Ds Mark III upgrades the previous world's best camera, the 1DsII, adding 20% more pixels, 14 bit A/D, some clever algorithms to use the two extra bits to rescue detail in nearly washed-out highlights, a 3" diagonal screen, and the ability to frame the shot with the screen rather than the viewfinder like any $200 camera. And it does it all at the same price point as the 1DsII.  Unfortunately, that's still $7999, and I won't be getting one any time soon.

Far more dangerous, though, they have also announced the long-anticipated 40D.  This upgrades the 30D, adding most of the cool stuff that's new in the 1DsIII.  In particular, the image sensor cleaning, a feature I really need.  Plus, software that purports to edit out the dust that the sensor cleaning system doesn't get.  But it also adds the 14 bit A/D, the bigger screen, and the Live View (frame using the screen rather than the viewfinder, which is really useful when you need to hold the camera up over your head).  And it, too, is at the same price point as the model it replaces, $1299.  I definitely want this camera.  Really, I want two of them, because when I'm seriously photographing, I already carry two bodies, and two dust-free image sensors would be a major win.
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