Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

I walked around Lake Mingo

I had vague, fuzzy ambitions to get going early and get to the Farmer's Market today, but despite sleeping in until the crazy decadent hour of 8:30, I had all the pep and vitality of a heap of carrot peelings waiting to be thrown on the compost pile, so I engaged in computer-aided vegetating until a bit before 1, by which time I still felt like all I really wanted to do was go back to sleep.  Still, I made myself get in the car and drive over to Kennekuk.  I started out on the Lake Mingo trail (which goes all the way around said lake, following the shore where possible), thinking that I probably wasn't up for going all the way, but I told myself when I started at about 1:15 that I would walk until 3:00 and see where I'd gotten to and how I felt.  As soon as I got into the woods and into the rhythm of walking, I woke up and felt good, and somehow I developed a growing determination not to turn back.  I felt great when I passed the 2 mile mark.  I realized that I was actually not quite sure how long the whole loop was, but I convinced myself that I was sure I remembered that it was 7.8 miles.  I got to the 4 mile mark and I still felt good, and I was more than halfway (unless I was delusional, and the trail was really 12 miles or something).  Then I started to feel a little tired, and I started walking a little slower, but I kept going.  By mile 6 I would have been pleased if it were over, but I had gotten around the lake to parts I'd explored from the other side, and I knew it couldn't be that much farther.  And just a little bit after mile 7, I found myself back at the starting mark.  I lay down on a picnic bench for a few minutes to rest, and wished that I'd thought to bring a book, because I was still enjoying being outdoors, but I didn't want to do more walking just then.

I decided to be a lazy slob and skip cooking.  So I got in the car and drove to Heron Park, where to my dismay, as far as I could tell, the heron nests were gone.  There were a couple of herons on the lake, but none roosting in the trees, and I couldn't see any sign of their nests.  I assume this year's chicks are fledged, but I thought they lived there year round.  And then I went into Danville to the KFC buffet.

Writing this now, I feel a little tired, but still more energetic than before I left the house, and my legs are a little sore but not terribly.  While I certainly need to improve, I guess I may not be in quite as bad shape as I think.  (Yay!)
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