Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


Time is rushing by while I'm trying to cope.  This weekend is the last one before OVFF, and that means that I need to pick up EFRC calendars.

If you'd like a calendar this year, they cost $15 and that all goes to help the cats.  (I don't have any shots in this year's calendar.  But it's a very nice calendar, and getting the support to EFRC is a lot more important to me than the egoboo of having my photos published.  So please don't decide you don't want a calendar out of misplaced loyalty to me.)

I will have calendars at OVFF, Windycon, Chambanacon, and the New Year's party at Lytheria, or I can get one to you if you'll be in Champaign anytime.  If you'd like me to get you one (or several), sing out.  For that matter, if you want other EFRC loot, let me know and I can pick it up and save you the shipping.  (If you need it mailed to you, just get it from the EFRC web store, m'kay?)
Tags: cats, efrc
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