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Phil Parker

Adventures in Cooking

Wednesday when I was doing my weekly shopping, I decided that I should try broadening my cooking horizons a bit, and I bought a vegetable I've never tried to cook with before: orange cauliflower.  Actually, I've never cooked with cauliflower at all.  But improving my diet is part of my quest to improve my health in general, cauliflower is supposed to be good for you, I suspect the orange kind gets its orange from carotene which ought to mean it's even better, and I'm pretty OK with cauliflower when other people cook it for me.  So I bought this strange object.

Fast forward to yesterday when I discovered a couple of bananas that had slipped from sight in the banana box on the top of the fridge.  They were just a tiny bit overripe, but more to the point, I'd bought enough bananas for my standard one banana a day without them.  So I had surplus bananas.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and my necessity was to do something with the cauliflower and to avoid having to throw away excess bananas.  So I started by opening up the head of cauliflower, getting rid of the leafy bits and the parts of the stems that tended to green, broke it up into bite-sized bits, and put it in the skillet while I cut up a rib of celery, which I added to the pan along with some chopped onion and garlic, and started dicing some chicken breast tenders.  I added the chicken and curry spices to the pan.  The cauliflower seemed to need a fair bit of cooking, so I waited a little bit before I started the instant brown rice.  When the brown rice was at the halfway point (where the directions say remove from heat, fluff, and let stand for 5 minutes) I added the bananas, sliced, and a can of cream of chicken soup.  When the rice was done, I mixed it all together in the stir-fry pan, put two lunch portions and a little extra into leftover containers, and tucked into the rest.

It was pretty good, though the cream of chicken kind of overpowers the cauliflower.  Perhaps next time, I will trust the cauliflower enough to make something similar without adding the soup.  (I'm thinking using an apple instead of the bananas, though.  Banana curry is good now and then, but I do have a banana for breakfast every day, which is generally enough bananas.)
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