Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Health note:  Mountain Dew--

I didn't feel like posting anything about this earlier, but about three weeks ago, I decided to try giving up my one daily Mountain Dew.  I was spurred to thinking about it because of my sleep therapist strongly advising me to avoid all caffeine.  I don't actually believe the caffeine is affecting my sleep, but I am convinced that I really could use to skip that 46g of HFCS a day.  Since that point, I've only had Dew on Sundays, when I pamper myself as part of my EFRC work day lunch.  Instead of the Dew, I'm allowing myself a small amount of chocolate with my lunch at work.  I've found it surprisingly easy; I don't miss the Dew at work.  But the biggest surprise is that last week and this week, when I did have that can, it didn't even taste all that special.  It wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't good enough to justify the evil HFCS.  I will continue to include a Dew with my EFRC lunch for at least one more trip, but I think I'm ready to put Mountain Dew on the same list as hamburgers:  "This food is really bad for me, so I should only have it if I really enjoy it, and I find that I don't enjoy it enough to justify the bad, so I no longer eat it.

Unfortunately, my weight is still stubborn, but it is down a bit, coming in at 238.6 when I saw Dr. B last week -- the lowest it's been this year.  (I feel like I'm trying harder than I ever have to lose weight, and the lack of results has been frustrating me; this was a factor in stopping the Dew.)
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