Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Orange Curry

No, not made with oranges, colored orange.  A pretty successful culinary experiment, in that it used the foods that needed to be used and should be healthy enough to make my doctor smile.

Start with the half a head of orange cauliflower that I wanted to use tonight because I'm not really sure how long this stuff keeps.  Break it down into bite size pieces and put it in the skillet.  Chop up some carrots, heck I dunno, maybe a cup of carrot medallions total and add them to the skillet.  Chop up the tail end of the stalk of celery and add it.  Add a scant tsp of garlic and the last of the chopped onion in the jar.  Then start boiling the water.  Add a little Thai fish sauce and the remaining green curry paste in the jar, about 1½ tsp., about a cup of milk, a pinch of basil, and one 7.5 oz can of sockeye salmon.  To the boiling water, add two cups of macaroni.  Once the macaroni is cooked, mix it all together.

I was a little unsure whether this would actually be good -- the one time I've tried to make a curry with salmon it wasn't so great -- but this was tasty enough I won't be grumbling about having to have it for lunch.  Pretty low fat, pretty low salt (I did add a wee bit of salt to the curry, and of course salt to the water for the macaroni).  And it scores pretty high on the 'eat food' scale -- all of the veggies were fresh, and the only thing that came out of a can was the salmon (and that's the sort of packaging that crams a recognizable cylindrical section of the fish into the can).
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