Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Kickapoo hike

Between all the cons and other intrusions, I haven't been getting out much, even on Saturdays, and I was ready for a nice hike today.  Unfortunately, (a) it's deer season, which means Kennekuk and some other good places are not so good places, and (b) we have a major winter storm forecast to come through, with a freezing rain advisory starting at noon, so I didn't want to be out too long.  I woke up at 6:30, earlier than I'd planned, and got up.  I puttered around for a while, and then got over to Kickapoo by about 8:30.  I hiked the Riverview/Clear Lake loop, and then took the South Riverview extension.  As I was coming back to my car from that, a little bit of icky stuff started to come out of the sky, so rather than wait around until the icky stuff became more pronounced, I just headed home.  Probably about 4 miles total; less than I wanted, but better than nothing.

There was a thin layer of ice on the smaller and more sheltered ponds, and few birds.  I did get a very good look at a tiny wren who seemed to be about as shy as the sparrows on campus, and when I got home and checked the bird book, I decided he had to be a Winter Wren.  (He looked more like the "Adult Western" picture than the "Adult Eastern" in color, and his supercilium was not distinct at all.  But he was really tiny, kinglet size, he kept his short tail cocked up, and the only other possibility, the House Wren, should be in Mississippi.)
Tags: birds, nature
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