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Phil's Rambling Rants
December 1st, 2007
05:26 pm


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Dang it's cold in here
So here I am sitting at the computer puttering around instead of doing anything useful, and I realize that I'm feeling cold.  I've usually felt a little chilly since heating season started, but I'm still wearing a sweatshirt and thermal underwear from my hike earlier.  I look at the thermostat, and it says it's about 61.  I look at the furnace, and it's flashing a code.  One short, four long, chart says the flame proving sensor isn't proving.  Recommends cleaning it with sandpaper; I don't have any, but I blow the dust out and brush the thing off.

Fortunately, that seems to have been enough to kick start it -- the furnace is working again.  I haven't had the furnace guy out to give it its regular service for a long time -- it's such a pain in the butt -- but I guess I'd better suck it up and do it.  A scheduled service call ought to be less bad than an emergency call on a Saturday evening...


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Date:December 2nd, 2007 02:00 am (UTC)
The insulation at my house is so poor that I keep it at about 60 degrees all the time. Yeah, I wear long underwear and a sweater all the time, and I'm still cold.
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