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Lost Talisman

Yesterday evening when I reached into my pocket to get my keys, I realized that something was missing from my pocket: the small cloth bag with a clump of tiger fur felted into a solid.  (I may have showed it to some of you, saying "Would you like to pet my tiger?"  Unfortunately, I don't know when I last had it.  I've looked for it in the likely indoor places without success.  I'll be checking the lost and found at buildings I was at in the hope that somebody turned it in, but I have little hope of seeing it again.  It seems like a trivial thing, but I am very sad to lose it.

If you should happen to see a bright orange faux-silk drawstring bag, about 1"x2", with a glob of brown hair in it that looks sort of like a hairball, somewhere around C-U, please get it back to me.  You'll be my new best friend.
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