Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Ice ice baby

The radio was repeating their dire foreboding of frozen doom every 10 minutes while I had it on (Car Talk is on now, so the radio is off, but Why I Hate Car Talk is another topic entirely).  I'd already rearranged my weekend, going to EFRC yesterday so I wouldn't be missing anything important if I had to stay in the house today, but I'd had enough of poking at the mess that is my kitchen for a while, so I decided to see what the weather is actually like.

There's a thin layer of ice on all the vegetation, which is pretty.  It would be much prettier if it had sun on it, but the sky is an even gray.  Fairly bright overcast, but completely cloudy.  There's a light rain falling, but right now it seems to be staying liquid on the ground; it appears that it was icier earlier, but the real road is just wet and even the lanes aren't too treacherous.  A cold rain is pretty much the most miserable weather there is to be out in, but I still found my walk very peaceful and fulfilling.  (I'm also pretty sure I had a White-Crowned Sparrow, though my view wasn't perfect.  Striped head, easy to be sure of.  Lack of white throat, a little harder, since he never fully faced me.)  Unfortunately, my gear isn't really up to this weather (my boots leak and my winter coat is fairly water resistant but not actually waterproof), so I'm not quite willing to tempt fate by driving to a more interesting place and taking a longer walk.  If the temperature drops a degree or two, I think the frozen doom will be back with a vengeance.
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