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Phil's Rambling Rants
December 22nd, 2007
02:24 pm


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Lake Mingo, not improved by mud
It's been a long time, between terrible weather and scheduling problems, since I've walked around Lake Mingo.  I was determined to do it today.  The weather didn't give me any real problems.  A little mist was falling when I drove over, no real rain while I was there; temperature about 50°F the whole time.  Quite a bit of wind, so how cold it felt varied a lot with when I was in the wind or not.

The only down side was the condition of the trail.  Gloppy mud, with or without leaves on top, makes footing just about as bad as ice.  It was OK on the level patches, but there's a lot of up and down the ridges and ravines.  I only actually fell once when I wasn't expecting trouble, but I had to pick my way very carefully frequently and I felt less than safe.  It was much better once I found a decent walking stick (for the first half of the loop, the only likely-looking sticks I saw were so rotted they fell apart when I picked them up),

It took 3.5 hours (from 9:30 to 1) to make the loop, even though I was walking almost the whole time, and I feel really tired now.

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