Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Back from GAFilk

I am back from GAFilk.  The con was good; I'll try to write a report tomorrow.  I was not feeling terribly well, somewhat in a physical sense, mostly emotionally; if I was unpleasant, unresponsive, or mean to you over the weekend, I apologize.  It's supposed to get me a couple of hours on Friday to jump-start my personality, but this time, it pretty much took the whole con.

One disaster: my checkbook is missing.  I had it out just before I left town on Thursday (I had to write a check for cash because I unexpectedly discovered my ATM card had expired).  When I got to the con, it was not in my briefcase, but I didn't panic because I assumed it was sitting in my car.  (We took my mom's car because mine, while drivable post-accident, shouldn't be driven long distances.)  But when I got home, it was not where I expected it to be.

Now, I'm panicking.
Tags: cons, life
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