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I was in a car accident in Milwaukee at 2 AM on New Year's Day.  After taking several weeks to determine that it would take more weeks at least to get someone else to pay for fixing my car, and further that the damaged suspension was ruining the tire and it needed to be fixed right away, I turned it over to my own insurance, which means I'll be eating my deductible at least until State Farm's bureaucratic machinery recovers it.  State Farm told me to take it to Tatman's.  After going over my options with Tatman's, I elected to have them fix the body damage (which is only cosmetic) as well as the rear axle which actually matters.  Since the axle is way more than my deductible, fixing the body is free except that I have to pay for a rental car for a while.  But the rate for the rental is a lot less than I expected, so I decided to go for it.  This is why I have a white Hyundai Elantra sedan in my garage tonight.

Definitely not the specific car I would buy; it's a sedan, automatic, and white, all of which are the wrong choices.  Between the gear ratio and shift point selection, and the fact that it's unfamiliarly quiet, I have to be careful or I go faster than I intend to.  It seems to be a pretty generic car.

It has a GPS.  Perhaps I will have it long enough to learn more about this modern wonder than how to turn it off so it will shut up.
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