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I really want to say something about the March 4th primaries.  I'm going to skip a whole lot of stuff I feel like saying in the hope that I can make just two points clearly.

Point the first:  Winning the election has a whole lot to do with getting people fired up.  Obama is probably the most inspiring candidate since the 1960's.  Everyone who has anything to say about Obama admires this quality.  I personally think that in November, in addition to polling well among the people who would be voting anyway, he'll inspire about 10 million new voters.  Of course, Clinton too has a tremendous power to get a segment of the people fired up.  If she's on the ballot in November, I think she'll inspire millions of people who wouldn't have voted otherwise to vote -- for McCain.  Shouldn't the Democrats have a candidate that inspires people to vote *for* them?

Point the second:  Remember those 10 million extra voters -- young, disaffected people that I had pegged to be part of the non-voting majority?  If Obama gets them to come out and vote, most of them will still be voting in elections 20 years from now.  As important as the 2008 election is, that long term legacy could be even more important.
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