Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Ah, wonderful DST

Today I did something I've been unable to do since November: I went for a walk in the woods after work.  With the clock adjustment, it doesn't get dark until roughly 7 PM, and that means I have time to get home and then get to a park.

Today I went to Kickapoo and walked the Riverview trail.  Nothing looks green yet, and the trail was very muddy, but I still felt much better there than I had since leaving EFRC Sunday or I'm likely to until the weekend.  I do get a walk in every morning, but that's too short to satisfy.

Not a lot of nature to remark on.  I saw one tiny moth.  The geese are distinctly hanging out in pairs.  And I saw a swimming mammal that I'm reasonably sure was a beaver.  It made a *gloop* noise like dropping a brick into the water.  I know beavers make an alarm noise with their tails, but I've never heard it.
Tags: life, nature
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