Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Not eaten by troll

I managed to leave my windbreaker at birder2's on Monday, and not notice it until today, and I need it tomorrow,  so I had to travel west.  So I decided I'd take my walk at Homer Lake, since it's slightly on the way, instead of being in the opposite direction.  I knew it would be muddy.  I had my boots, I thought I'd be OK.  But as I slogged through a whole lot of mud and quite a few pools of standing water that completely covered the path, I started to imagine that I would sink in, get stuck, and be eaten by a troll.  However, no trolls or other monsters were in evidence; the closest we came  was several friendly doggies who were walking as well.

Nothing is looking very springy, and the wind blowing off the lake felt darn cold, even though the car thermometer claimed it was 48°F.  Except for the frogs in the shallow lake north of Oak Ridge, it felt more like winter than spring.
Tags: homer lake, life, nature, walks
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