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Lords of the Rainbow meme - Phil's Rambling Rants — LiveJournal
July 6th, 2004
07:57 pm


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Lords of the Rainbow meme

Koerdis, the Tilirreh of Blue - Your Tilirr Quiz Result

Which of the Lords of Rainbow do you serve?


Koerdis symbolizes Harsh Truth, and is the Opener of Ways.

Blue light is the acceptance of reality, the ability to face it and oneself and to investigate truth. It is also integrity and clarity of thought and vision.

If you have a Koerdis-guided personality then you are ruled by reason, logic, and the need to learn the real truth behind everything. You are inquisitive and open-minded, unconventional and experimental, honest and clear, direct and forthright, and always willing to investigate and then explain the nature of the world around you to others who might ask. To you the fabric of reality is the most interesting thing of all, and unlike Melixevven who innocently rejoices in the mundane and sees it in a warm-colored light, you are dispassionate and want to analyze and dissect reality through the cleanest most transparent lens.

You may be accused of being a know-it-all by individuals who are secretly envious of your ability to have all the answers, so be wary of coming across as tactless — or worse, heartless — when you dole out cold absolute facts. To avoid this, temper your expression of truth with compassion.

Your brilliant mind constantly engages in patterns of analysis and plays out a myriad of various scenarios in your head long before you actually come to any conclusions or do anything. But other people don't know that since they cannot read your mind. Therefore be gracious in explaining your reasoning, not just the theories and facts that you spout forth so effortlessly. And be gentle with those who are not as capable of handling truth as you are.

When imparting knowledge, always define your terms first to make sure you are referring to the same thing that your companion thinks you do. If you are talking apples and oranges, then you are talking about two different truths, often both valid, and you are wasting time and energy in needless argument, not to mention being a nerd in the worst sense of the word (as opposed to the cool kind of nerd *wink*).

Taken to extremes your pursuit and appreciation of pure truth can lead to cold detachment, pride and a sense of superiority. Well, you may indeed be smarter than others in so many things, but keep in mind that pride is merely complacency breeding false confidence which can hold you back from improving yourself further — pride can weaken you and make you stupid.

Keep in mind also that intelligence is only one of the tools in the arsenal of a Rennaissance Man or Woman, and that is what you want to be, right? You want to be completely well-rounded as a human being, because that is the only mathematically perfect condition to strive for.

The other tools in the arsenal, if you are curious — and I know you are — are wisdom, patience, humor, and the ability to put yourself in another's place completely to see how they came to be the way they are. Wisdom takes truth and looks at it from the widest number of perspectives possible, approaching that of the Absolute. Patience takes the truth before you and gives you the strength to face it and the time to internalize it. Humor allows you to look at painful reality objectively and to stand clear of it enough to see it for what it is without fear. Putting yourself in another's shoes gives you a unique second perspective and the most valuable lesson possible — mercy and compassion are nothing more than willingness to understand and explore the hidden logic behind another's motivations.

Another way to put it is, wisdom makes you genuine, patience makes you strong, humor makes you elegant and putting yourself in another's place makes you aware. Not bad, eh?

You might wonder why I did not mention Love. And why I just capitalized it. Well, keep wondering, my friend! Because that is for me to know and for you to find out! And finding things out is what you do best. So, get cracking!

Teachers, scientists, detectives, mathematicians, composers, researchers, navigators, philosophers, and other seekers are often guided by the clear and direct, searchlight-bright light of Koerdis.

More so than all the other Tilirr Personalities you have no fear of what is real and what lies in the world around you. For you have fathomed the Blue Mystery of Koerdis that the more you know, the more you become, the more you understand the farther you extend, and the more you seek within others the more you find of yourself.

As well you should, you who look in the mirror bravely, for with your keen ability to see you open the eyes of us all.

The quiz is 20 questions. Two of them are physical description, and I don't think any of the other 18 had a single clear answer for me. Many of the questions would be interesting to discuss at length, but I'm not sure how much the one of several good answers I chose almost at random, or in one or two cases the one of several bad answers I chose almost at random, reveal.

Without going to look up what the other possible results are, I think the test probably pegged me right. Most of what it says fits me, as I see myself, fairly well.
If anyone who knows me would care to comment or quibble, fire away.


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Date:July 7th, 2004 05:26 am (UTC)
not quite sure what "Tilirr Personalities" (I'm assuming based on some book) but seems pretty accurate

I think this was my favorite question
5. In a room filled with fabulous treasure, what one item will you pick?

Golden crown that will let you rule the world.
Chest of golden coins that will give power to manipulate the world.
Necklace of priceless jewels that will bring you beauty and joy.
Old Illuminated book that will inspire with wonder.
Ancient intricate painting that will give you a glimpse into the fine workings of history.
Jewel-encrusted sword that will give you universal glory.
A ring of heavy keys that will open all doors for you.
A mysterious unknown object that sparkles more than all the other items.
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Date:July 7th, 2004 08:45 am (UTC)
Lords of Rainbow is apparently a fantasy novel by somebody I never heard of; this pantheon is apparently part of the background. Info at the root of the site where the quiz was: http://www.LordsOfRainbow.com

I thought that question was interesting to think about, but having to just choose one without any comment or explanation didn't seem to preserve much meaning.
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