Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Taxes done

  • Computed in spreadsheet - CHECK

  • Copied onto paper forms (checking numbers copied into spreadsheet) - CHECK

  • Labels affixed - CHECK

  • Photocopied (Yay for printer that is also a copier) - CHECK

  • Envelopes stuffed, addressed, and stamped - CHECK

  • Envelopes mailed - pending (not making a special trip out of the house tonight)

Perhaps some year I will e-file.  I plan on e-filing either (a) when they start charging a service charge for paper filing, or (b) when I believe that I can do it myself, through my current web browser, without having to buy or install software, pay fees, or suffer undue gaggage.

Perhaps some year I will actually be together enough to do this in February.
Tags: life
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