Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Spring at Kennekuk

For the first time in what seems like forever, it actually managed to be nice on a Saturday when I wasn't out of town.  I've been itching for weeks to do the Lake Mingo trail and I finally had the chance.

Boy am I out of condition.  I skipped the side trip down to the place where I took the otter picture, and I cut off the one easily skippable loop.  Still, my feet hurt and I feel quite tired.

The spring beauties are in full bloom, so much of the park is carpeted in white with pink highlights.  Very pretty.  Spring beauty is my favorite plant for today.  Other flowers include violets, both the regular violet sort and yellow, phlox, bluebells, a couple of red trilliums.  And the redbuds are in full, lovely bloom everywhere.

There were some warblers around.  None that I could identify positively, but I think I had yellow-rumped and palm, plus one that I think was an ovenbird.  One interesting experience where I was admiring a great blue heron coming in to land, just thinking about how pretty he was, and suddenly realized that he was chasing an egret away.

I saw a few butterflies: one of the anglewings with green hair, a mourning cloak, and a couple of white sulfurs.  A couple of small dragonflies and tiny damselflies.  If I actually knew anything about bees, I'd probably be able to report a lot of different species -- although there weren't large numbers of individuals, there seemed to be a whole lot of different kinds.
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