Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

A little springtime peace

I left work early so I could get my allergy shot, and then when I got to Carle they told me they still weren't giving shots.  A week ago (on my regular day) they'd called me to say their refrigerator had failed and destroyed all the serums, and they thought it would be a couple of days to get them remade, so I shouldn't come in.  I hadn't really remembered that they'd said to call before I came in; I just assumed that they had to have it fixed by now.  And they didn't.

This meant that instead of just being able to squeak in a walk before dark, I had plenty of time.  I perhaps should have done a longer trail, but I just went to Kickapoo for my usual walk on the Riverview trail.  There were a fair number of birds around.  Just off the top of my head, I had phoebe, kingbird, towhee, gnatcatcher, red bellied woodpecker, flicker, catbird, song sparrow, white throated sparrow, red winged blackbird, a song that was maybe an oriole but I'm not sure, mourning dove, cardinal, blue jay, robin, an I-think-great-horned owl hooting, a pair of swans and of course bunches of geese on the lake, and a turkey vulture overhead as I went home.  After I'd finished walking the loop, I went over to the pond east of the parking lot and sat on the bench.  As I sat and tried to let go of the day, I could momentarily catch the illusion that rather than the wind making ripples on the lake go by, I was actually moving in the other direction.  It was very peaceful for a few minutes, but when a couple of people jogging by on the other side of the pond and talking loudly shattered the illusion, I decided I should go home and make dinner.
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