Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Hard walk around Lake Mingo

Carrying a backpack and a heavy camera makes a lot of difference.  Because of all the time I spent looking at stuff through the camera lens, it took me almost 7 hours to get around Lake Mingo.  It feels like I was actually walking all that time, even though it was only the same trail that I walk in 3 hours if I don't stop.

There were lots of birds.  Warblers were flitting about.  I only positively identified yellow-rumped and palm; if I knew warblers better (especially if I knew their songs) I'm sure I'd have many more.  Wood thrush, Baltimore oriole, scarlet tanager, tree swallow, kingbird, and a catbird in practically every tree were some others that gave me joy.  Based on what I'm seeing, I think the geese are having a bad year.  The few groups of goslings I'm seeing are growing rapidly larger, but there seem to be a lot of adult geese in groups rather than pairs and not very many families.  When I started seeing a few broods of goslings a couple of weeks ago I thought I was just seeing the early ones, but since thinking that I have not been seeing more groups of little newly-hatched ones -- just the same relatively few groups.

Also a good day for wildflowers.  There's still a fair number of spring beauties, but phlox was the dominant wildflower of the day.  Also many mayapples, and a patch of wild geranium which I didn't expect to see yet.
Tags: birds, kennekuk, nature, walks
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