Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Why I was late for work today

... or at least part of the reason.

When I went into my garage on my way to work (I'll be honest -- I was already late by then), I discovered that there were two fledgling Carolina (I think) wrens in my garage, trying to fly out the back window. I ran back into the house and got my camera.

Two baby wrens on the windowsill

After I'd taken a few pictures, I tried to persuade the little guys that if they'd move to the middle of the window, they could get out. (It's a three panel window; the outside parts don't open, but the middle part is one of those venetian-blind deals, open more than enough for a wren to get through.) I didn't persuade them to go out that window, but the mother flew around to the front of the garage and the babies seemed ready to go there. One of them almost flew into the car door which I'd left open when I'd first noticed the wrens, but fortunately, didn't decide to get into the car, and flew out.

The other one had a little more trouble, because he tried to get out the other garage window. I got this picture of him:

Baby wren on a box

I didn't actually see the second wren leave the garage, but I couldn't find him in the garage either, so I think he went out the open door.

At least once in the past, I've had a wren nest in the garage, but this year, I think these guys just wandered in on their own. They could fly, but not real well; they obviously haven't been out of the nest for long. I don't think they were injured, and I hope I can be forgiven for scaring them a little more than I had to to take their pictures.
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