Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

AKICILJ: WildBlue Satellite Internet

Some time ago, I looked into Hughes satellite internet and determined that it was a complete non-starter even when there are no wired options available -- even the most expensive plan is limited to 100MB a day.  Until tonight, I was unaware that there were other satellite providers that were different.  I've just learned of the existence of WildBlue.  It's still satellite, it's expensive ($90/month for the real version), and the bandwidth is limited.  But it's limited at a possibly-livable level of 17GB/month.  And I'm really sick of dialup.

And they're offering free installation (apparently worth $200+ -- I say "apparently" because I'm somewhat worried that the "I'm an idiot" installation that they'll do for free won't be acceptable and the "I'm not an idiot" installation will still cost) until the end of the month.

Does anyone out there in LJ-land have anything good or bad to say about this service?  I'm especially interested in actual personal experience, but reliable rumors and trustworthy hearsay are also welcome.
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