Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

The weather in Illinois...

My mom told this joke last night, and I was pretty well amused, so I'm going to put it here.

A man from this part of the company dies, and not having been a good man in life, he goes to Hell, and the Devil sends him off to fry. After a bit, the Devil comes to check up on the man. "Hot enough for you?" he asks. The man replies, "Not too bad at all. It's like Illinois in June." So the devil goes off and turns up the heat.

A while later, the Devil goes and checks up on the man again. "Hot enough yet?" The man replies, "Not so bad really, it's like Illinois in July." Annoyed, the Devil stomps off and turns the heat all the way to max.

He comes back to visit the man, who still doesn't look too unhappy, and again asks about the heat. "It's not really so bad," the man says, "it's like Illinois in August, but it's drier." The devil throws up his hands in disgust and turns the thermostat all the way to maximum cold, maybe that will bother him.

So he comes back a while later, and everything is frozen solid with icicles hanging down, and there's the man, capering about and laughing and dancing with joy! "And why should you be so happy?" snarls the Devil.

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