Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

DucKon travel

Quick question about getting to DucKon (Naperville), coming from the south via I-57:

Is there any reason that I should NOT take 355 (that is, I-57 to I-80 to I-355 to I-88) rather than the old way (I-294 to I-88)? That is, is I-355 fully functional all the way down to I-80? I'll be coming up Friday after lunch. I know the traffic will suck -- it's Chicago and it's not 3AM. But should I expect it to suck much more one way or the other?

Also, since I have to pay cash tolls, are there any exact change tolls I have to watch out for on that route? Or other gotchas like the toll on that route being way more than it is the other way?

P.S. anyone wanting to join me for dinner or otherwise plan ahead to get together, please say so.
Tags: cons, travel
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