Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Book review: Blood Bank

Today's book review is Blood Bank by Tanya Huff.

This is a collection of short stories in the world of Huff's fabulous Blood novels.  It's probably better to read the novels, starting with Blood Price, and then read this to dull the disappointment that there isn't any more of the series.  But my own introduction to the series, and to Tanya Huff, was Tanya doing a reading of one of these stories -- "Another Fine Nest" -- at FKO a few years back.  Several of these stories have  It also includes the screenplay of the episode Tanya wrote for the TV series Blood Ties.

Some of these stories are serious and fill in bits of background or story that didn't fit into the novels, while some are just for fun.  They're all quite good, well except for the Christmas story, which I think represents an excellent job of writing a story that shouldn't have been written.  Although I had read most of the stories before, I didn't mind reading them again.  A definite must for Blood fans.  9 out of 10.
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