Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

A good walk (not spoiled)

I got in the car planning to head to Kennekuk, but I unthinkingly turned right rather than left at the end of the lane.  Oh well, I thought, it's not such a hardship to drive through Kickapoo.  But on a whim, instead of taking the turn off Newtown Road to Kickapoo, I went straight and up to Middlefork Stake Fish and Wildlife Area.  I've been meaning to explore up there since I started hiking regularly, but haven't gotten around to it.  I found myself in pleasant surroundings on a lovely day, and started walking on some trails.  The trails themselves were clear, but the intersections were even worse marked than the ones in the north area of Kickapoo I started exploring last weekend.  I got genuinely lost and actually found myself having made a perhaps one-mile circle when I was trying to leave, but from there managed to find my way out.  Fortunately, it's not a big enough area to really get dangerously lost in, and I fond my way back to my car after probably a little over 5 miles of total walking.  Then I decided I wasn't walked out and went off in a different direction for another mile or so.

There were more butterflies today than I've seen before this summer.  I still couldn't say there were lots of them, but at least there were a decent number.  Also many summer flowers.  Birds were singing everywhere, but seldom visible.  I didn't have a camera today because there was still a chance of rain in the forecast, so no pictures of any of this.
Tags: middlefork, nature, walks
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