Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Out and Back Again

I did the Out and Back trail at Kickapoo again, following the route I'd taken by accident on purpose out to the overlook, which is an excellent place to have a sandwich.  A lovely view, shade, a good place to catch the breeze, and barely any obvious sign of humanity.  (The "lake" itself is a former strip mine hole, but it doesn't look bad.)  There are a couple of telephone poles visible, and a couple of bits of mowed grass in the far distance.  Then I walked to the trail intersection where I thought I'd fallen off the official trail last week, and discovered that it only goes a few hundred feet to the river (which I hadn't even realized I was next to last week) and ends.  I still don't know what happened to the trail markers.  When I finished that loop, I was starting to feel quite tired, even though I had walked less than 5 miles by that time, so I took a bit of a short cut, which got me as expected back to the very unhelpfully marked intersection, and back to my car.  This is the first time in a long time that I've done longish walks on back to back days, but the weather is unseasonably nice, the terrain I was walking over both days is pretty flat, and darn it I thought I was in better shape than this, I shouldn't be so tired!

The butterfly population does seem to finally be picking up; not lots, but there were definitely butterflies around.  Still lots of dragonflies.  But the dominant insect species (and the major problem with enjoying the day) was mosquitoes.  I can't remember when I've been so plagued by mosquitoes, and that's with applying DEET at the start of the trip and applying more at my lunch stop.  Those huge numbers of dragonflies are not doing their jobs, I tell you!
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