Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Lake Mingo Mushroom Walk

I didn't really have the time, but I really wanted my walk today, so even though I didn't get my ass out the door until 11, I walked around Lake Mingo.  I wanted to see how it was to walk with just the binoculars I'm borrowing, so no camera -- which is good because it rained (the binocs are waterproof, as am I, but the camera not so much), but sad in that I have no pictures.  You see, while I don't consider mushrooms edible, I find them interesting to look at, and there were tons of mushrooms and other fungi, some very pretty ones and some that looked quite unusual to my not-wise-in-the-ways-of-mushrooms eyes.

Other than mushrooms, the most noteworthy nature things were an abundance of noisy great blue herons, and one bird that I really wish I knew what it was.  It was hiding along the lake shore like a heron, and making some noises that were vaguely heron-like.  I only saw it briefly as it flew.  I'm confident it wasn't a green heron, and it was definitely not big enough to be a great blue.  Because as it flew away, I had the distinct impression of yellow on the outside edges of its wings and/or tail.  Would a night heron show yellow as it flew?

I also found a lovely flicker feather on the path.  (I picked it up to admire it, and then set it on a weed beside the path where someone else might be more likely to see it than step on it.)
Tags: kennekuk, nature, walks
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