Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Officially unemployed

Friday was my last day in the Hydrogeology lab at the University of Illinois.

I worked there for a little over two years.  It was never a good fit and I was not happy, so part of me is very relieved.  Part of me is terrified of the future.

I have learned from my experience with the jobs I've had that good jobs come through personal contacts, not through searching the want ads.  Even though we call the personal stuff "networking" these days and instead of newspaper ads there are job web sites, I believe the same principle applies.  This applies even more to my present situation, because I would like to try a different career field, but I don't have a degree or work experience in another field.

I am hoping that someone I know will have a line on something specific, where by "specific" I mean "My cousin Fred, who installs solar panels, needs an assistant."  I do not mean "You seem to like animals; have you considered a job working with them?"  I know such suggestions are well meaning, but they are not helpful in my present mental state.
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