Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Mad dogs and Englishmen

I've been pretty much sitting on my ass all week, except for going to EFRC on Tuesday, so I gave myself enough of a kick to get out to Kickapoo and do the Out and Back trail.

The forecast was for a high of 88 and relatively high humidity.  And that's about what it felt like.  A lot of flowers, notably including really tall thistles with fist-sized flowers.  Very few birds, even for the middle of the afternoon.  I did get a pretty good look at a hawk, I believe a Cooper's but I'm bad at hawks.  Some butterflies, but not huge numbers.  Except for one patch in the large open area where the sewage treatment plant is, the hordes of dragonflies from earlier in the year were absent.  I got rather close to a small group of deer.  At the overlook where I ate my sandwich and read for perhaps an hour (the battery died in my watch), damselflies were landing on me.  At least 3 different individuals.  One biker came up to the overlook while I was there and asked me to take a picture with his camera; other than that I had the place to myself.  I was feeling pretty tired by the time I got back to my car -- obviously too much ass-sitting and not enough hiking lately.
Tags: kickapoo, nature, walks
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