Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker


It had to happen sometime. I've put my first ding on my new car. Considering that I've had it since June '02 and I've put over 50K miles on it, not doing too badly. But still annoying, because it was 100% boneheadedness on my part.

My boss left me alone in the office a bit after 5 this afternoon, and I decided to be a bad boy and leave early myself. So the attendant was in the booth in the parking garage -- I usually stay until after he leaves at 6. I drive up to the booth and hand him the ticket, and he drops it. No big deal. I open the car door, oh there it is, and try to reach down to get it. Can't reach it, so I get half out of the car. Suddenly realize that (a) the driveway is less level than it looks here, and (b) I forgot to set the parking brake. I'm still half in the seat, so I put my foot down on what I think is the brake, but unfortunately, it's the clutch, and the car rolls until the open door bumps into part of the booth. Slight damage to the door seal, and scratched the handle, but nothing major.
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