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Phil Parker

Book review: The Dragon Done It

Today's book review is The Dragon Done It, edited by Eric Flint and Mike Resnick.

This is an anthology of fantasy detective stories.  None of the individual stories was bad; several were good and fully engaged my interest.  But somehow the book as a whole managed to be less than the sum of its parts and left me feeling a bit disappointed.  I suspect that to fully appreciate this book, one has to be more of a fan of detective stories than I am; being a pastiche of The Maltese Falcon doesn't make the story inherently interesting or funny to me.

Generally, the stories that appealed most to me were ones that came from worlds that I already knew from novels.  Tanya Huff's "This Town Ain't Big Enough" would have been a real treat, if I hadn't already read it several times in other volumes.  Harry Turtledove's "The Seventh Chapter" was a weak story (the "clever trick" at the heart of it was blindingly obvious to me at the first mention), but it allowed me to return to the world of Videssos which I haven't visited for too long.  Eric Flint and Dave Freer's "Witch's Murder", similarly, allowed me to experience an echo of the wonderfulness of Shadow of the Lion (and the introduction hints that there are a couple of new novels in that world in the works, squee!).

7 out of 10.
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