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Phil Parker

EFRC pix from today

I have some pictures from EFRC today!

Tony and Otay are two tigers rescued (along with a lioness, a cougar, and a black leopard) just 10 days ago from a place where they weren't being cared for.  Tony is 3 and Otay is 2, and they are much happier now, even in their very small temporary quarters, because they have all the food and water they want.

Your teaser:

This is Tony, showing us he's a pretty boy, with Otay lying in the foreground.

Otay wasn't as cooperative about posing as Tony; this was the best shot I got of her.  (Tony's back in foreground.)

Tony has really long teeth for the size of his head.  His canines are so long they stick out when his mouth is closed, like a cartoon vampire tiger.

Here's Tony "smiling", really showing how big his teeth are.

Bonus shots:

Here's my Gabby girl.  When I took this, she seemed almost ready to run over to me, and I was hoping to get a shot as she moved.  But she wouldn't actually move until I stopped watching.

Layla, just because she looked pretty.

India.  Because there's a law that you have to take a picture of India every time you pass her with a camera, even if you've already taken pretty much that picture a zillion times already.  Isn't there?
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