Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Housecleaning progress

I'm not sure if I've discussed this publicly, but my house is a total pit.  Stuff piled everywhere, a fair bit of it stuff I actually want to keep but don't have a place to keep, mixed with a lot that I need to suppress my packrat tendencies and just throw away.  All the stuff in the way serves as a convenient excuse for not actually sweeping or dusting.  All in all, yuck; you won't be invited into my house unless you're the HVAC man and the furnace is dead.  And since I have time on my hands right now, I'm working on that.

I certainly kept myself busy yesterday.  The mess in the house as a whole is still daunting, but most of the bedroom is almost respectable.  The dog crates that dominated one corner are in the garage.  Thanks to the new wire shelf, a bunch of the clutter has been tamed.  There's still a ways to go to get the rest out of the places it was shoved into, but I didn't push a significant amount into the rest of the house.  I more than doubled the space dedicated to my stuffed animal collection, and they still don't all fit, but they come much closer.  I swept and vacuumed in the corners and mopped and scrubbed a couple really nasty spots on my hands and knees.

I need shelf space to put the clutter on, and I vowed I would never buy another piece of particle board furniture years ago after my nightstand tried to kill me.  All right, I shouldn't have been standing on it, but I needed the height, and if it weren't made of crap it wouldn't have crumbled and dumped me on the floor.  After that incident I bought a very nice oak nightstand that I could dance on all day.  Well, I can't dance and I couldn't do it all day if I could, but the night stand wouldn't break.  And no more particle board has crossed my threshold.

Since particle board is out, I don't want to spend a lot of money, and while I may be smarter than your average bear I'm worse at woodworking.  So I need to go with plastic.  I've had a plastic adjustable shelf unit in my closet that I'm quite happy with and I hoped to get more of the same type, but I've been all over town and searched on the Internet and I'm convinced that they don't make them any more.  Menard's has the fixed-spacing plastic shelves that are the current flavor of the month on sale for the best price I've seen, so I bought one Wednesday and found it, if not good, at least tolerable, so I'll get some more today.

I have a long way to go but I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Hey, what's that woo-woo noise?
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