Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Turkey Run

I went to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana today.  This park's main feature is a network of canyons eroded by small tributaries of Sugar Creek in the local sandstone.  Not very much next to the Colorado River I guess, but it's very impressive scenery for corn country.  Also, very challenging hiking, at least by corn country standards.  I took a lot of pictures.  Many of them suck; I was having considerable trouble handling exposures for scenes that included heavy shade and also bright sky.  But some turned out well.  Sometimes I was able to use the flash to fill in the dark background effectively.

The most common vertebrate species in the park, at least by my observation, was the chipmunk.  Even counting humans.  A lot of them let me get quite close, but none stayed put long enough to take a picture.

It's past my bedtime already, so I'm just going to post one image for now.  I will try to do some more tomorrow.

Tags: nature, photography, pictures, walks
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