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Turkey Run pictures

For your viewing pleasure, a pile of pictures from yesterday.

A pillar formation near the start of the trail -- a little past the Icebox I think.

I love the texture of the sandstone layers.

The first canyon the path goes through on Trail 3 (going clockwise) -- on the way to the ladders.

This stump was fascinating.

Here I tried to capture the sun coming through the leaves.

These mushrooms were growing in the ordinary woods between canyons.

This is at the upper end of Rocky Hollow, before the canyon gets really narrow.

Here we're into the tricky part of Rocky Hollow.  You can see some of the steps on the lower right, and more at lower center.  Decades of feet have worn the steps deeply, and the rocks are far from flat.  The water was very low, so one could easily just stay in the creek this time.

The spiderweb almost disappeared when I resized this down to post.  I already uploaded it, though, so I'll include it.

This was one of my more successful efforts to fill in the dark parts with the flash.

Here I was trying to capture the sunbeam filtering into the canyon.  It's just barely visible; for some reason the camera doesn't capture it well.  You also get another look at the steps and you can sort of see the ledge the steps lead up to.  The steps aren't so bad; it's the ledges after you climb them that are scary.

A side canyon, and another successful fill flash.

The view coming out of the narrow part of the canyon into the easily accessible part.  I think this is the part that's officially called Rocky Hollow.

Iron staining the rock red and water making it shiny made this attractive.  The built-in flash is pretty limited -- but even if I owned a Speedlight, I wouldn't want to carry it hiking.

Wedge Rock.

Here I was more successful in capturing the light shining into the canyon.

Another angle on Wedge Rock and the canyon beyond.

Another piece of the rock fall that formed Wedge Rock.

Note: I hit post by mistake so you might have seen an incomplete version of this post a few minutes ago.
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