Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

CafePress questions

I am considering publishing some of my photography with CafePress. I've just spent a couple of hours looking through their site and there are still a few things I wonder about which do not seem to be answered on the site. I am wondering if there is anyone reading my journal who has actually published stuff with CafePress who could answer these.

  1. When they send your payment for your sales, do they hit you with a service charge, or is the check actually for the full amount accumulated? They clearly explain how the pricing works and how much money you're supposed to get. They explain that there is a "payment threshold" you have to meet before they send a check. They imply that you get to set this threshold yourself. Can you just set the threshold to $1 and get a check every month you sell anything, or is there a hidden charge to make you leave the money there? There's nothing in the terms of service that says there is a charge, but there's nothing anywhere that says there isn't.
  2. It does say that you have to give them your SSN so they can report what they pay you to the IRS. Assuming you're so fortunate as to have such income, how do you report it? All it says in the TOS is that it's the user's responsibility.
  3. What the heck is CafeCash? There are some references to it in other FAQ pages about payment but nothing that I can find explains what it is.
  4. Are you allowed to have more than one free shop? It says you have to have a separate email address for each shop. But can two shops have the same real name, SSN, and address?
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