Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Long day with Tony and Otay

Just a quick note, since I need to head to bed.  I arrived at Praireland shortly before the van carrying the tigers, and I ended up being there all day.  I was only at the table briefly to spell Dustin, but I still talked to more strangers about the cats in one day than I think I have before.  As far as I am aware, none of those strangers chewed their legs off to escape or were otherwise harmed.  They even seemed interested in hearing me ramble at fairly considerable length.  They weren't even put off by the way that I smelled -- Tony sprayed me very thoroughly while we were unloading the cats from the van.  My legs and feet are unexpectedly complacent about the fact that I was on my feet pretty much the whole day.  The weather was great, the tigers were never stressed or upset, and a whole lot of people stopped to admire the tigers and ask some questions.  I rate it a successful day.

If you're in the Champaign area, it turns out that the tigers will be appearing again tomorrow (though if you want to see me you'll have to actually go to EFRC).  So if you missed them, you have another chance.
Tags: c-u, cats, efrc
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