Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Irishfest is coming

I find myself going through one of those periods in my life when other things keep me so busy I get out of the habit of playing guitar and singing.

I just sang three songs. I felt very rusty and sloppy, and my fingers hurt more than they should. I never develop really heavy calluses, but I've hardly touched the guitar in weeks and what calluses I had I seem to have lost. But the songs feel good.

When I get into these stretches of life, I need a good musical kick in the pants to remind me of how much I love music in general, and playing and singing specifically. A con with strong filk is the best, but this weekend I'm off to Milwaukee for Irishfest, which hopefully will do the job. If I don't get back in the habit of practicing daily, I am *so* going to suck at the cons coming up in October, or worse I will have so little confidence that I won't be willing to play at all.
Tags: life, music
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