Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Recent rescues pix

Tigers Tony and Otay at the pet fair at Prairieland on Saturday.  They seem quite unconcerned about the strange surroundings.

Tony likes to use the water bucket as a pillow.

Conan, newly rescued from Missouri.  You can see his unusually dark coloring.  You can also see a bare patch on his face, a sign that he hasn't had a great life.

Samson, also newly rescued from Missouri.  He wouldn't give me a closeup.  He appears generally healthy, but he seems to have vision problems.

Lioness Kiara, from the same rescue as Tony and Otay, enjoys her new home.

Here's a couple of pictures of cats we've had for a long time as a bonus.

Felix looking handsome.

The obligatory picture of India.  Because she's as sweet as she is beautiful.
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