Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Yes, we have no envelopes

How is it that ordinary products that one has been using for years can just suddenly vanish, even though they still appear as useful and needed as ever?

A couple of weeks ago I used the last of my old box of normal business sized envelopes.  I obliviously bought another box, and conclusively proved that it really does matter whether it says on the box that they work in a laser printer, because these don't say and they don't.  So I looked in the supplies section of a regular store or two.  No printer-friendly envelopes.  Today I went to Staples.  They don't have any printer-friendly envelopes.  Well, actually, they have some super-nice resume envelopes for $20 for a box of 50 that say they're printable, but no ordinary everyday ones.  So I tried Office Depot.  They don't have them either.  The salesman said they used to carry them but they don't any more; they could special order but I'd have to pay $10 shipping for a $2 box of envelopes that costs $6 at the office supply store.  (When they had them at the general merchandise store, a box was about $2.)

I know I'm out of touch with the culture, but I can't believe I'm the only person who would rather type the address, stick it in the slot, and have it neatly printed in the right place than have to trust the post office to be able to read my lousy handwriting.  Any suggestions for a store that would actually have something as eccentric as envelopes I can actually use?
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