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Kickapoo walk, lotsa pictures

I got up late today and didn't get out of the house until 1, but I went to Kickapoo with my camera.  Today I only took the 17-85 lens; my back is bothering me a little and I didn't want to burden myself with extra lenses and I wanted to get some scenery pictures.  It was about as close to a perfect day as you could ask for: not a cloud in the sky, comfortably warm in the sun, a touch of autumn crispness in the air.  Insects were fairly active; some birds but not very many.  I went to the Out and Back area, but I went up the haul road to the overlook where I like to have lunch.  Between starting late and taking so many pictures, it was after 4 by the time I got there, and after I'd eaten and read for a bit, it was 5 by the time I left, so I only got into the woods north of the haul road very briefly.  I do hope to get in there when I have more time and with the sun higher in the sky, but for today almost all the shots are from the more open areas.

I hope this set will give you some appreciation for what we'll be losing if the governor is successful in his plan to close it down.

This opener is the only shot that's out of chronological order.  It's from the first, biggest prairie/meadow area.  I hope the view of the path will invite you to view the rest.

The light through these Virginia Creeper leaves caught my eye.

Here I'm trying to be artistic with the background for this grass.  I love to look at and photograph grass seed heads.

Here I caught a bumblebee in flight as it moved about some asters.  Bees are another favorite subject; even though my mission for the day was scenery, I took a lot of closeups of insects.

A yellow sulfur butterfly on a purple aster is an irresistible color combination.

I was consciously working on composition today.  Here's one of my efforts at getting multiple elements into one interesting field.  Goldenrod and asters.

This is a moth, either a Monk's Cloak or something similar.  It would be more impressive if I cropped it, but the deal for these posts is that I have to be able to do them relatively easily -- which means no editing the images, because it would just take too long.  Sorry 'bout that...

I was holding a camera.  There was a bumblebee on a thistle.  Therefore I took a picture.

An attempt to be artistic, catching the light in the grass in the foreground with a bit of scenery in the background.

This view is fairly typical of the area: a nice bit of meadow with trees around it.  I thought about skipping this shot because of the radio tower, but this is what you'd really see.

Here's a view along the haul road.  I decided the lens flare looked nice in this one.

Cattails in the foreground of a nice view from the haul road.

I try to catch the light through thistledown.

Here's another meadow, with the first hints of fall color in the background.

The light in the one dead sycamore leaf caught my eye so I arranged the shot around it.

The ponds here, as well as the hills, are the legacy of strip mining.

Here we've finally come in sight of my overlook.  My lunch spot is under the trees on the hill on the right side.

Sunlight through these grass seed heads is magical.

Some more grass with the pond behind it.

I hope this view of the pond conveys a bit of why I love this spot.

Another view of the pond.

These berries were too pretty to pass up.

The woods along the path near the big meadow.  The sunlit area in the back caught my eye.

Wild turkeys in the group camp area.
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