Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

EFRC pix: Tecumseh et al.

Today's picture post is dedicated to Tecumseh, one of the Tell City cats.  He's not well; it appears to be a neurological problem.  I'm worried about him.

Because he's not being his usual active self, I didn't have much room to get pictures without fence, but I thought this was a nice shot.

Here's the one angle I could get with no fence between me and Tecumseh.

While we're up in the field, here's JR looking regal.

This is Babbs, Clancy's sister.

This is Sasha.

Majai, from the same rescue as Tony and Otay.  The white scars and the sore near his tail are from the bad conditions he was kept in.

Back in the main compound, here's my Raja Baby coming into the chute to say hi.

This is Tish, an elderly lioness who was at death's door a few months ago.  She's doing very well now.

Monica sticking her head out of her box.  LOLcat anyone?
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