Phil Parker (tigertoy) wrote,
Phil Parker

Cleaning hits The Llama

On my big trip to Ecuador in 2005, I did some shopping in the big native market in Otavalo.  This is one of, maybe the, largest native market in South America; Americans go to Ecuador just to go there.  Of course I was going to spend a week in the jungle, but since Otavalo was on the way, we visited the market.  One of the things I bought there was a rug made of a patchwork of different colors of llama pelts.  It's a cool thing that I enjoy showing off with my other souvenirs from the trip, but it's never been convenient at home.  When I had a dog, I had to keep it packed up lest it become a chew toy, and it's lived in a duffel bag (that I also bought in Otavalo and took the souvenirs home in) sitting on the couch.

The Llama, on my couch for scale, with the duffel I keep it in.

My ongoing housecleaning project continues to progress, and it's now reached that couch. I have to do something with The Llama.  I don't want to just stuff it in a closet and forget it.  I'd like to actually display it but it's too doggone big.  But it can't stay in its duffel on the couch any longer; the key to success in taming clutter is not leaving things just lying around in reclaimed areas.

What to do, what to do.
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