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Phil Parker

2009 EFRC calendars

It's that time of year again, the time of year when I try to get everyone to buy calendars to support the cats I volunteer with and love at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center.  This is a high quality 8.5x11 sized calendar, printed on heavy glossy stock with a spiral binding and containing lots of stunning photos by Stephen McCloud, EFRC's official photographer.  (Yes, I take a lot of photos of the cats too.  Yes, some of them are good.  No, none of them are in this year's calendar.  This is because Stephen is well organized and has his images ready when it's time to make the calendar; I'm not and I don't.  Please don't feel slighted on my behalf.)  The calendar is very reasonably priced at $15, and all the money goes to support the cats.

You can order one of these calendars by mail from the web site.  On the plus side, you can use PayPal.  On the minus side, you have to pay for shipping, and Jean has to actually mail you a calendar.  As a public service, if you're going to be in the same place as I am sometime between now and when you want your 2009 calendar, you can get one from me.  This includes OVFF, Windycon, Chambanacon.  I will have a bunch of calendars with me, and you can probably just get one, but it's always possible I could run out, so if you want to be sure you get one, or if you think our paths will cross somewhere other than the cons I mentioned and you want to be sure I bring calendars to that, please reply here.

Replies are screened, just in case anyone is shy.  (They make great gifts, hint hint.)
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