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EFRC photos

Some pictures from EFRC yesterday.

Tahoe and Rajah Girl are tigers I don't photograph so often.  They were posing nicely.

Tahoe gets up and sniffs Rajah Girl.

Tahoe walked toward me as I was taking more pictures of Rajah Girl.

Black leopard Navi seems to be napping, but if you look closely, she's peeking through her eyelid.  If I actually knew how to use the camera, this wouldn't be so overexposed in the background.

Rodney, one of Navi's spotted cage mates.

Another angle on Navi, after she admitted being awake.

Bobcat Lakoda twitches his tail as he prepares to pounce.

Big Boy doing his "waterbed with legs" impression.

Kiara, the recently rescued lioness, is being playful.  She does not want her belly rubbed, but she would like to have me play with her.  (Of course, it wouldn't be wise.  Lions are hard on their toys.)

Here Kiara is walking toward me.

On another pass around the cage, Kiara runs toward me.

One more shot of Kiara rolling.

Here, Tora is showing me his belly.  Again, he is not asking for his belly to be rubbed.  People are used to dogs who roll over on their backs to show surrender.  When a feline rolls on its back, it's not offering its throat to the victor; it's bringing all its claws to the ready to fight.  When a tiger rolls over in response to me, he's usually saying "I don't think you're a threat, but I'm ready to deal with you if you make trouble."

Prince, at 19, is probably the oldest cat at EFRC.

I believe this is Jenny.  (That's what Jean said, if I remember correctly.  I can't tell from this picture.)

Lioness Jasmine continued to look where she was looking as I got close, allowing this closeup of her eye.

The required India picture.

NOM NOM NOM.  Nyla gnaws on the bones of her dinner.  There's not much meat left and from the twigs, I think they'd been playing with it, but she's finding a little.
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