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Phil Parker

EFRC pix

I did manage to take a few pictures at EFRC today.  I got a few shots of cats I don't usually photograph.

Here is the required picture of India.  She wasn't posing well today, so you get a closeup of her eye.

This is Rocky, the young bobcat who was in the house until recently.

This is Maggie, an elderly lioness.  Maggie is half blind and somewhat erratic.  She can seem friendly, but she's actually quite aggressive.

In the foreground is Achia, the most beautiful cougar I know.  She'd look prettier if she weren't glaring at the camera.  In the background, you can see Tasha in the next cage getting a drink.

This is either Lea or Nala -- I can't tell them apart.

Wedge in front and Rake in back.  This is the same cage as the previous shot -- Rake makes live miserable for four lionesses.

Big Boy lounging in his box.  There was very little light for this shot.  All hail image stabilization and ISO 3200; it's not a great photo but you can see him.

Kisa, Max's cage mate.  I don't get many pictures of Kisa or get to spend time with her because Max hates me.

I don't take very many pictures of my Raja Baby because he likes me too much -- for good pictures you need the cat to stay well away from the fence.  This is a poor photo, but I thought I'd post it anyway, since I'm always talking about him but don't show many pictures.
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