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OVFF part 1

We (that is, birder2 and myself) drove to Ohio on Friday.  It was a wet but otherwise uneventful drive, and I only mention it because my car passed a geeky milestone on the way over.   I pulled off the highway in Huber Heights, OH, so I could safely take a picture.  After rolling to the appropriate mileage, while stopped at a traffic light, I did so.

My Toyota Matrix' odometer has reached one light second.  Of course, it took about 6.4 years to get there, so the average speed isn't much.  The next geeky milestone is the distance to the moon, which I believe is about 239000 miles.  What's a good thing to shoot for after that?

We arrived at the con and, got badges, and went to dinner with robin_june at Aladdin's, where I started a trend that would continue through the weekend by eating way too much because it was so good.  We got back about halfway through the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

I got this picture of the lovely vixyish (with tfabris on the right) while she wasn't looking.

When she realized I was pointing a camera at her, she hid behind her mousie.

The Pegasus Nominees Concert was, of course, a highlight of the weekend.  We started with the Best Comedy Song.

quadrivium makes a great succubus, doesn't she?  Of course, it's her music that will lure you to your death.

Sibylle Machat performs her Evil Eyeball song.  (I don't remember her LJ name.)

The Best Tragedy Song section offered the most visual excitement of the evening.

It led off with Wild Mercy doing a kick ass rendition of Black Davie's Ride.  Getting the whole band on stage was a little interesting for the tech crew.

harperjen plays harp and sings on Davie.

cadhla had almost as many people on stage for "The Black Death", but far fewer instruments.  In case you didn't get the memo, the combined expressions of cadhla, sweetmusic_27, and vixyish should make it clear that it was a pretty horrible thing.  Hopefully, what they do to me for posting their picture with these expressions won't be as bad.

The height of schtick for the evening, however, goes to hsifyppah and the visual aids provided for "The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster".  I only provide a sample of the signs here.

"Superlatively Epic Tragic Death Toll".


cadhla: ZOMG!   vixyish an erupting volcano, oh noes!

cadhla: It's SAD, people, SAD! (more crying, please)  vixyish: (the world smashed) POW

On to the Best Classic.

This is vixy singing.  I think she was singing Archetype Cafe.

Juanita Coulson performs Chess.

The concert of course ended with the Best Filk Song nominees, but I didn't get any pictures I thought were worth posting.  I did not vote on line this year because I actually had not heard two of the nominees.  One Small Boat is touching, and Pageant Legend is really impressive.  Even so, a single hearing wasn't enough to convince me to change my vote from my sentimental favorite.

After the concert, all of the performers got these cute little plush werewolves.  Should I ever have the honor of performing at the nominee's concert, I hope I get a plush werewolf.

After the concert, I got this picture of Chris Marks at her twofer.  Maybe it was just me, but the way her introduction to her song about the sort of self-published authors who post sock puppet customer reviews about their own books on Amazon segued into the beginning of the song and she sang the word "Desperado" struck me as one of the funniest moments of the weekend.

After the concert, I traded my cameras for Tiger (my 6 string) and found a nice little circle in the main room.  It was much easier to get a turn there than in the hallway filk.  Considering how little sleep I'd had coming into the con, I shouldn't have stayed up so late, but it was a good filk.
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