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Surplus board games

I have a lot of board games I've collected over the years that I never expect to play again.  I want to reclaim the space they're taking up and I'm hoping to get a little money for them.  I'll put any I still have left come February in the Winter War auction, and I've been meaning to look into offering them for sale on a board game site, but for right now, here is a list.  I'd rather sell them to someone I know than to strangers.  If you see anything you want, say so.  Unless otherwise noted, figure at least $5 each, and they go to the best offer before Nov. 15.

Munchkin - original edition - good condition.
This is a popular game; I just don't happen to like it.  $10 minimum.

Wiz-War - "New 1991 Fifth Edition" - box a little worn, good condition.
I've played this one a lot, but I'm tired of arguing about the vague rules.  I think it's somewhat rare/collectible.  $10 minimum.

Instant Millionaire - good condition
This may be the worst designed game I've ever played.  It is to board games as Plan Nine from Outer Space is to movies -- worth laughing about if you're into such things.  $1

Monopoly - original game,  fair condition, box smashed, no dice, no rules
The original game, as sold in the early 1970s.  $1

Risk - plastic pieces - smashed box, no dice, no rules.  $1

Sqwurm - smashed box, appears to be complete/OK
Never played it, but it seems unlikely I ever will.

Doolittle & Waite - good condition, box a bit scuffed
A playable beer-and-pretzels game with a lawyer theme.

Taboo - box a little rough, no batteries for buzzer (not needed for play), otherwise good
A decent party game for non-gamers.

Three for All - never played, box slightly mashed
Another non-gamer party game, to judge by the box.

Wizard's Quest - box a bit rough
The classic Orc Frenzy game.

Amoeba Wars - a bit of water damage, but playable
Played once, decent multiplayer space battle

Moonstar - good shape, box a bit scuffed
I never played it.  It has a lot of dice.

Stocks & Bonds - 3M bookcase game edition - good condition, outer box a bit scuffed
An ancient stock trading game without a lot of fun mechanics.

Assassin - Avalon Hill bookcase game - good condition
Played it once, don't remember it.

221 B Baker Street - Hansen Co. - box worn
I never played it; I think it's all there.

Image - 3M bookcase game - box slightly scuffed
I never played it; I think it's all there.

Breakthru - 3M bookcase game - box a bit rough
2 player non-random strategy game, nice components; I don't remember the game if I played it.

Conquistador - Avalon Hill bookcase game - fair (box still OK)
Somewhat interesting game about colonization of the New World; I'm just not much interested in multi-hour games any more.

Hexagony - Liesure Time bookcase edition - fair
Multiplayer abstract strategy game; I never played it.

Family Business - still in the shrink wrap
Card game about organized crime; I haven't played it.

British Rails - tube edition - good condition
North American Rails - tube edition - good condition
Australian Rails - tube edition - good condition (but I just cracked the tube looking inside it)
Nippon Rails - original tube edition with dice - fair condition; the dog ate the tube but the game is all there
Mayfair crayon train games.  I like the system but I'm only going to keep a few.

Slap Shot - AH bookcase game (half thickness) - still in the shrink wrap
The cards are funny, but it takes a lot of beer to make the game fun.

Facts in Five - Leisure Time Games edition - good condition, box a bit scuffed
Classic trivia game; I haven't played it since about 6th grade.  (This copy is not from my childhood.)

Contigo - 3M bookshelf game - box and board are a bit mashed but fully playable
Non-random strategy game with some interesting mechanics; I basically never played it.

James Clavell's Whirlwind - FASA - box slightly crushed, unpunched
I never played it and know nothing about it.

Minion Hunter - GDW -  box slightly crushed, otherwise good
A board game from the Dark Conspiracy role playing world.  Fairly playable; I remember it being too random for my taste.
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